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Discount Codes

How much does it cost for camp?
$155 for the Complete Camp or the Skills Camp. $295 for the Complete Extended-Day and the Complete & Skills Camp Bundle.

We offer several potential discounts:

  1. Returning campers - $5 discount per camp session
  2. Siblings who attend the same camp and location - $5 discount for each camper
  3. Military Family - $5 discount

You can use one or all of these discounts! The discount codes below can be entered at the final payment page.

  • If eligible for one discount, enter discount code: 24SEACAMPS5OFF
  • If eligible for two discounts, enter discount code: 24SEACAMPS10OFF
  • If eligible for all three discounts, enter discount code: 24SEACAMPS15OFF

Know that the price of signing up for the Complete & Skills Camp Bundle reflects a discount ($295) from the cost of both camps combined. The bundle also includes supervision each day during the lunch break between sessions at no additional cost. Yes you can use all these discounts. They are taken automatically when discount codes are input at the final payment page on the online application at

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